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The Tail of a Chair

Some years ago I was looking for an occasional chair since, when my writing group ( meets at my home, I need an extra seat. I also thought it would be more comfortable than an office chair when editing work-in-progress in our study.

So when I spotted an attractive and affordable inlaid Edwardian chair in an antique shop in Edenbridge, I didn't hesitate. The shop was at one end of the High Street and my car was parked at the recreation ground at the extreme other end. But it was not much more than a five-minute walk, on the flat, and the chair though awkward to carry wasn't heavy.

I got it safely into the car and home, feeling satisfied with myself. It was a nice chair and I was really pleased with it.

HOWEVER, someone else in the family decided that it had been bought for her and has been impossible to remove ever since... Especially as it is positioned beside a radiator, and sets off her splendid tail to perfection.

Gizzie, as you can see, not only likes her comfort, but has excellent taste...

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